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My thoughts under the cut.

I went into this episode with low expectations given CBS forced the whole Victoria Secret’s Model subplot to tie in to their big Tuesday night broadcast.

The model subplot wasn't that bad and had less screen time than advertised which I kind of guessed the way these things go down. Danny was cute, he wasn't drooling over himself or anything and I found the models fine. The stalker subplot was well, not imaginative, but the whole thing was short and I give them credit for that.

I guessed the bank robbery plot within the first fifteen minutes, but it held my interest pretty well. It was nice to see Kono and Steve working together, hello, they are a team :)

I would have liked more time given to the Cordova aspect of the story. The whole hit man trying to help someone was the most interesting part. Howell has great stage presence and I wanted to see more of his and Steve's interactions.

I don't think Steve was too nervous with Cordova until they entered the woods. Cordova kept his distance enough to be out of striking distance and the little twist at the end when he wanted Steve to play executioner well -- I knew that wouldn't work to well. If Steve didn't kill Wo Fat, he wasn't about to kill this guy.

I thought the other subplot with Max and his crush was cute. I felt the ice chip thing was a bit creepy, but the date in the cafeteria was sweet.

All in all, not bad, nothing too crazy. The end was fun an it was nice to see Steve and Danny in formal wear. And Grace with her Uncle Steve was beyond cute. I had a big grin on my face. I've been pretty high on the season so I just let this one slide.

I'm looking forward to next week's :)
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