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Hearts in my eyes guys. \o/ \o/

A bit disjointed, random reaction.

I loved everything about this eppy.

It was fun, there was action and suspense. Just all the squee.

Steve wanting to teach the girls how to hunt and gut a pig, because those are real survival skills?

OMG. Adorable. And of course Danny is apologizing to the troop leader and the girls are all intrigued.

Tom played a really good, deranged bad guy.

I LOVED the girl scouts, how they were shown to be clever, smart, and able to handle a stressful situation.

The girl scout leader? She was awesome. I adored how she went along with Danny, how sassy and confident she was.

Steve and the little girl were amazing together. Steve is so good with kids. I loved how he drove Tom nuts and during any other time I think he would have taken Tom out, would have taken the risk and probably would have been successful, but his responsibility was to the little girl and he put her interests ahead of a rescue attempt that could have gone wrong.

When she hugged him? aska;kskal;ksalkskasl

I was even surprised by the partner that showed up.

The little girl? She was fantastic. And of course she wants to grow up and marry Steve. :)

The pacing and balance between Danny and Steve's storyline was tense and exciting while giving enough to the Kono and Adam subplot that didn't feel jarring.

This was a fantastic mix of character stuff, action and humor. I really, really enjoyed it. And the ending with Danny and Grace was cute with a hint for some trouble with Kono because of Adam's brother.

Can't wait to re-watch when I'm less tired and without commercials.

All the flailing!!!!!
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