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Happy thoughts below the cut. Nothing too serious. :)

I liked this episode.

I found the attempted carjacking funny. Sorry bad guy, you picked the wrong person to rob. Oh Steve, you need help when it comes to dating tips, though you handle random acts of violence quite well. I can't wait to re-watch that part.

I liked how Steve connected with Ethan, that's two episodes in a row of seeing his softer side. I'm too tired to touch on all the similarities between the kid and Steve at a young age, especially how Ethan felt his father could do no wrong and his dad would only do something to protect himself or his son. This show has really great young actors.

Steve. Keep breaking my heart with those looks.

Oh, and keep crossing your arms like that and flexing those biceps :)

Chin and the imu pit! Danny and Steve smirking at his expense.

It was nice to see more of Catherine. And nope, she didn't need any rescuing, thank you very much. Brains and brawn. No wonder her and Steve have this 'thing'. Major kudos that our female characters are so strong and kick-ass.

I felt this had a nice mix-up of the team with Danny and Chin investigating the moonshine angle. I wish we would have had more of George, but he made the perfect cameo.

The car argument was filled with joy. OMG. Of course Steve is going to make sure Danny spends the holiday with his family and of course Danny would rather be far away from stockings filled with grenades. I admit, Christmas at the McGarrett's sounds like the most awkward, crazy time, unless there is a lot of wine and beer involved.

There was plenty of gun!porn to go around tonight.

The end was so happy making. Steve in a tux, Steve taking Catherine on a real date. I imagine he set it up like a strategic op. Did I mention Steve in a tux? Wow. Smiling happy team is happy times.
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