Nov. 23rd, 2012

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I see a lot of wish list threads making the rounds, but I typically participate in [ profile] fandom_stocking which usually opens in late November. So, I'm in a holding pattern as of yet.

*keeps fingers crossed it will continue for a fifth year*

[ profile] fannish_advent is open for sign-ups

The rules, such as they are, are extremely simple: we're looking for one fannish thing per day, every day in December. A little treat for all of us to enjoy. Any fannish thing: fic (of any length), art, vids, music, fanmixes, rec list, arts & crafts, etc. Seasonal themes are not especially required, nor are they forbidden. No pressure, no stress, just a bit of fannish fun.

If you go over to the sign-up post you can pick one or two days or linger and post during one of the open free-for-all days.

I like the simple, no pressure aspect of this. I'll either do fic or a rec list.


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