Nov. 29th, 2012

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Fandom_Stocking is a go again this year!

It has moved over to Dreamwidth this year, but anyone can still participate! You can comment with OpenID which means you can use your livejournal account. This is an example of what that looks like.

Dreamwidth allows for much longer comments so no more crazy parts. Sign-up Post is here.

Fandom stocking is not an exchange or obligation. You can answer requests for fics, icons, art, pic spams, etc or you can post your own stocking with your own requests. Or do both! I've participated in various ways the last thee years and it was great fun since it's low-key stuff.

This is the link to my stocking. All comments will be screened until the reveal after the holidays.

Once there are a lot of stockings you can even search tags for favorite fandoms to leave little gifts for people.

I hope those on my f-list will come and play, too!


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