Dec. 20th, 2012

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I wanted to wish people safe travels if you're hitting the road or flying during the holidays. To those hit by the blizzard try to stay warm, it's headed my way in the next day or two.

I've been very tired of late and look forward to sleeping in on Sunday! I have to work on Christmas Eve day so I don't get much of a break, but I'm taking ten days off early January to visit family, so I'm putting in my hours now. I'm going to try to catch the new Bond film and see Les Mis while I'm there.

I watched the Bourne Legacy last weekend. While it seemed a bit more of a recycle of the first one in the franchise, I highly enjoyed it and that is all I ask out of a movie. The action was good and Arron was a sympathetic and interesting character and I hope they do another one with him in the role.

It makes me watch to check out MI4 and The Hurt Locker. Can anyone tell me how big Renner's part is in the Mission Impossible movie?

Also, Fandom Stocking updated all their tags and there are close to 200 fandoms and you can stuff stockings until January 4th. Yay. Fun.


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