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I listen to a ton of music on my computer, but lately I've been into listening to entire CDs and not cherry-picking songs. The art of an 'album' has been lost for a while. Most of the time the quality of an entire CD is sacrificed for radio-friendly singles and the rest becomes filler. There are very few CDs where all or most of the songs are varied enough in style, to be engaging, while the music and lyrics are consistently good. Or even rarer, when the whole album tells a story or puts the listener though a journey.

What are you favorite CDs? The ones you put on from the start to the very end? (excluding greatest hits and live cds) Not every single song has to be 'great', but you love the majority of it. I've divided my up based on active listening and when I'm trying to set the mood when I'm writing.

Here are a few of mine are:

Nine Inch Nails "The Downward Spiral"
Peal Jam "Ten"
Radiohead "OK Computer"
Pink Floyd "Darkside of the Moon"

My go-to music when I'm writing

Moby "Play"
Massive Attack "Mezzanine"
Fluke "Puppy"
DJ Shadow "Endtroducing Dj Shadow"

What are yours?
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I have many friends who practice many faiths including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam. Over the last few days I've found the misconceptions about Islam spreading like wildfire and what's scarier, is how many people are lapping it with a spoon. I know it's a political year, and there are many controversies, but I thought I'd post an easy list of the top misconceptions about Islam.

Hopefully, it'll clear fact from fiction. )

A New Week

Aug. 12th, 2007 07:43 pm
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*knocking on wood* this week HAS to be better than last week. Funny I have a review tomorrow but its pointless b/c my grade will not give me a raise b/c I'm at a cap now and have been and I'm transferring.

But I won't be on the floor for an hour and I've been training my BOSS, so um yeah I think I'll be fine.

Stuff with my mom has been nuts but there's hope I think week on that front. Moving...well let's just say this COULD be the week I get some firm answers on a bunch of stuff.

On the fic front: I finished a very short one shot today which I dug. The three chapter other project From Hell needs work and I hope to re-tool it this week as well, the end needs re-writing and just another overall make over.

I'll end things with this photo form

Someone needs to caption it though it just makes me smile. Maybe its a recruiting poster for the Nine Inch Nail Army?


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Not going into details about how much this week has sucked, but the frosting on the cake?

It was 104 degrees here and the lightbulb to our overhead light blew out in the office, spitting out the shard of glass exactly into our garbage can filled with paper et el.

So of course the garbage caught on fire...we smell smoke and quickly put out the fire that was about to spread to the desk and I'd guess the rest of the room.

*Shakes head*

Thank god we caught it.


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