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Process behind “Red Sands” Week Two

Writing the 'set up' for anything long is the most time consuming aspect of a story for me. It's laying the ground work for tone, plot, and characters. The thing I'm going to need to be very careful of is pace.

I have a lot of plot and must keep my enthusiasm in unrolling it at bay, dolling out pieces at a time, arcs, OCs, reveals. Obviously I'm not anywhere near the junction of earth shattering plot elements, but I'm trying to keep a crisp, fast pace while not getting bogged down by details...yet that's the trick. With a new world you have to give enough for the reader to envision things, while allowing their imagination to fill the rest.

I hit 5,500 words. Not the goal of 8,000 from the weekend and I'm still thinking 40k total, but I hit some snags in terms of logic issues. For example how do people tell time living in a place where the orbit around the sun is very, very slow and there is no technology for such things?

What about sources of light inside dwellings?

I have the answers, no worries, but its those 'little' things you have to think out in scenes.

I didn't end section one where I wanted. The scene ended outside not in. The plot point I wanted explained will be pushed back to section two and one OC become a larger figure than originally intended.

So, while I stuck to my outline has to be flexible. It's a guideline, not stone.

Tomorrow is another writing day.

Red Sands

Feb. 5th, 2009 10:42 pm
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A lot of people are curious about my writing process. I've started one of my longer stories and thought I'd chart it on my LJ. It's a helpful tool for me as well as a way to keep me on task and as a motivator.

Anything over 30k words can be a tough thing because you have to stay the course. I found updating my progress for “Through the Looking Glass” as an invaluable tool. So, feel free to skip all posts concerning this.

I've had all the plot elements for my big Ronon and John story in my head for a long time. This fic will only feature them and a slew of OC's and my goal is to equally explore both.

I normally do an outline, but this was the fist time I had to keep a 'bible' for the world I created. I had so much meta in regards to the society, politics to a degree, ecosystems, and OC characters, that I needed it all on paper. Once I filled six pages on my notebook..I started my outline.

I've written the first four thousand words, the bare minimum set up and jumping off point. The past few days I've done nothing, but research about survival in the harsh environment I've created. What do people eat, drink, and how do the find these sources? What do they wear? How do they find materials for shelter, clothing, are goods exchanged?

I've got it all now in a file folder.

This weekend my goal is to hit around eight thousand words which will get the story going and I'll start my word count then.

Total Goal 40,000 or more.

This is a big deal to me. I've always thought my weakest element was world building and original characters. This will my attempt at my most layered plot and a more interesting environment. There are many in the fandom that are awesome at this....I don't think I'll reach their level, but this will be a start.

I need to think of name for this pet project that I highly doubt will be the actual title.

I'm thinking “Red Sands” for now.


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