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Title: Distant Shores
Author: [ profile] kristen999
Recipient: [ profile] delicatale
Characters/Pairing: Steve/Danny, Chin
Word Count: 23k
Rating: R
Warnings: Sailor language, ethnic slurs associated with the era, and war violence.
Summary: WWII Pacific Theater based AU. Danny's left dumbstruck with the trust suddenly hoisted onto his shoulders. He wants to ask the guy if he's lost his mind, but then again, frogmen wade out in the middle of the ocean with explosives strapped around their waists, so McGarrett is obviously already bonkers. But for some reason Danny simply nods when asked to join the team and the lieutenant smiles at him in return.

Written for the [ profile] h50_holidayswap

Author's Notes There was an immense amount of research involved in this undertaking; however, I am not a historian, so there will probably be some inaccuracies and errors for creative license reasons.

I owe so much love to my wonderful betas! Thank you [ profile] mischief5 for all your help throughout this process. From the random e-mails to the long discussions. Without you hon, I'm not sure if I would have made it! And huge thanks to [ profile] esteefee for her pom-pom waving, encouragement, and wonderful suggestions. You guys are amazing.

Also hugs to those on my cheerleading squad! You know who you are!

Distant Shores )


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