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----The Christmas special Doctor Who: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe airs stateside Dec. 25 at 9/8c on BBC America.

----Chris Meloni is officially joining True Blood as a series regular in Season 5.

According to executive producer Alan Ball, the former Law & Order: SVU front man will play, ”An ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands.”

OMG. Am I going to be forced to watch this show? Because its Meloni. On HBO again. I loved him in SVU and OZ and this is....akjshkahskahshaslh

----Trent and Ross were nominated this morning for a Golden Globe award for their score of Dragon.

----I have a three day weekend after I work Friday! OMG. YAY!!! I'll be hanging out with [ profile] everybetty tomorrow night for fun times. Then I'm not going to anything that requires effort.

Okay, maybe I'll write. In fact, I plan on starting my 2.10 coda since I'm done with the first round of research. Because you know I can’t ever write anything without creating a new research folder. :D

Hope everyone is surviving the holiday crush!!!

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It's been a while since I forgot what relaxing means! Made it to my mom's on Thursday and I'm over at my sister's, helping my eight year old niece with her one hundred word essay. Hee. Nothing says family like watching Star Trek !V! lol

We're going to winery tomorrow so that should be fun.

Hope everyone is well. I'll be without net access again when I leave, but hope everyone is well.
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This was an actual news story. No joke. You can tell that the reporters had fun with it. I mean, there's no other explanation.

I cackled loud enough to scare the cat.


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