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I was going to post my fanfic in review, but my brain is kind of slow today, so how about a giant picspam?

I collected these during my last two days of work this week when I was trying to avoid having a meltdown from one disaster after another.

Thank you Alex for saving me with all your pretty!!


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I was going to post my fanfic in review, but my brain is kind of slow today, so how about a giant picspam?

I collected these during my last two days of work this week when I was trying to avoid having a meltdown from one disaster after another.

Thank you Alex for saving me with all your pretty!!


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Alex O' My

Jul. 3rd, 2011 02:44 pm
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The new Men's Fitness is out and look who is on the cover. Reading the article, I have a deep amount of appreciation how Alex takes care of his body and thus helps his mind. I'm not typically drawn to men of his physique, but with him, he's the whole package. I know he has to really bulk up for the start of season two, because as the 16 hour days mount, he won't have time to keep fit and will lose mass as the season goes on. This is him priming his body for the crazy schedule and I have mad respect for that.

This was courtesy of [ profile] lihinz and you can read the interview and see more pics, on her LJ here.
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I had to get up at 4:30 am today to go to work and at 1:30am an ear piercing alarm from the boiler in the basement of my apartment building went off.

So, after my long day at work, I need some Alex. Oh yeah, I feel better :D


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! [ profile] kriadydragon

Here is a very Special John Sheppard Pic Spam For You. May cause heart problems.

Warning. This is large!

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Ten hour work day yesterday and another long one today. Will catch up on all things LJ at some point.

In the mean time, Chris and Joe posted two non-spoilerish pics from "The Other Side".

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Over the last few weeks I was collecting various pics that would have David, Jason, and Joe in them to be signed at the con. I collected several images that featured them together and separate (To be put together) by a friend of mine into a single image. Now that Jason's not going to be there, I had to switch gears to get Joe and David images.

Here's a sample of what I collected for fun and if anyone wants one of these for the con, let me know and I'll send you the HUGE file that takes up the whole screen. I made these smaller for ease of viewing.

I have others if you're searching for something specific.

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Had a bear of a day at work. Need Gun!Porn

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Wasn't having a good day and decided to cheer myself up by putting together a Sheppard pic spam. Black t-shirt, leather jacket, smiles, and guns.

John Sheppard Season Two and Three )

SGA Pics

Mar. 17th, 2010 04:45 pm
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Four Promo Pictures from "The Daedalus Variations". Awesome pics of Teyla, Rodney, Ronon and Sheppard.


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I'm sitting here trying to decide to either work on the next chapter or kick 9-12 into shape for beta. This means I let my muse decide and occupy myself with sharing wonderful images. Since a lot of you said you liked the gigantically HUGE pictures. I played around with the first half of season four and put together some large behind the scenes pics and some EPIC sized ones.

Beware that last one is in such grand detail that it might cause you to melt in your chair. :D

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I mentioned to [ profile] crashbarrier that I had a few more behind the scenes pictures from "Conversion" so here's a tiny spam of it.

Beware the last three images are gigantically HUGE, but you really see the cool make-up job done.

Hybrid Joe )
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I was sharing this was with a friend and thought I'd post it here, too.

This is a behind the scenes shot that's been around of Joe in the make-up chair during "Conversion" and there are some very interesting/humorous observations.

Transformation Joe )
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This stared off as a way to let my mind wander while trying to get through a scene I was writing. It began as a pic spam of John Sheppard’s eyes and morphed into a gigantic monster epic of John Sheppard’s various expressions.

In order.

By Season.

Not dial up friendly. As in this is HUGE.

Please enjoy and if you happen to make any icons, could you reply with a link so I can enjoy the pretty.

Beware, this might cause heart and mind meltdowns.

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Deputy Joe

Feb. 1st, 2010 02:33 pm
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These are all over the place, but I wanted a set of my own to stare at. These were put out by Expressway Productions who filmed The Flan's new movie.

All I got to say is his coat looks so warm and cozy..and look shiny new badge! Part me wonders if Joe took the part just so he could wear one :-D


And I can't help staring at his cowboy boots in the one below.


I've come to accept it'll be a small role, but I'll take it. Hopefully a fan will ask Joe at a con the size of his part.
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Call it me avoiding work, or my belated entry in the 12 Days of SGA Picture love. But on a very late day of eleven we have

John Sheppard and Rodney McKay being geeks, heroes, and friends.

Not for dial up.

“Day One Begins Here” All days are linked.

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On the ninth and tenth day of SGA Love, we have my most requested subject matter which I combined into-

The eyes, the arms, and the expressions, of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard.

I need a cup of water now.

“Day Eleven”

John Sheppard )
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On the eighth day of SGA Love, we have-

Down and Out

Bruised and Broken Boned

Hurt and Comfort

“Day Nine and Ten”

H&C )
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On the sixth and seventh day of SGA picture love, we have

Behind the Scenes

It really impresses and fills me with glee how much the cast was genuinely enthused about being on set and working together. These just make me smile uncontrollably.

Note: I've been asked this a few times via PM. Feel free to snatch to make icons, etc, all I did was collect and re-size the images. If you do make icon et el, could you please post a link to them when you do so I can see the pretty? Thanks!

“Day Eight”

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On the fifth day of SGA picture love, we have

Teyla Emmagan

Teyla kicking ass.

Teyla being hot and beautiful.

Teyal with John, Ronon, and Rodney

You get the idea

“Day Six and Seven”

Teyla )


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