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Title: Is Anybody Out There?
Word Count: 6200-
Rating: T
Genre: Gen
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Summary: Sheppard's lost in the ocean all alone. Slowly sinking. With no way to the surface.

Written for [ profile] radioshack84 for the [ profile] sheppard_hc Summer Exchange. Prompt at the end.

I wanted to thank the wonderful [ profile] mischief5 and [ profile] everybettyfor their suggestions and awesome beta!

Is Anybody Out There? )
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Title: "Tour de Pegasus"
Author: [ profile] kristen999
Recipient's name:[ profile] tielan
Rating: PG-13
Genre:Gen-Understated H/C
Words: 4,500
Warnings: None
Summary: After the hardships of the Pegasus Galaxy, Ronon and John go in search of its wonders. But what are they really seeking?

For the[ profile] satedan_grabass John and Ronon Thingathon.

Notes: I wanted to thank [ profile] mischief5 for her wonderful suggestions and beta! You rock!

Tour de Pegasus )
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I’ve made a private donation to help go toward relief in Japan. Here’s a good link of sources if you’re interested in donating.

I’ve also decided to offer words again and my turn around time should be much better this time.

I have one SGA and one Hawaii Five-0 fanfic between 1 and 5k words up for auction.

The rule states I must separate these offers:

You can bid on my Hawaii Five 0 offer here.

You can bid on my Stargate Atlantis offer here.

Additional info:
I mainly write Gen, but for this auction I’ll write het or slash. My strengths are a variety of h/c, action/adv, character studies and slice of life, but I’ll do about anything except kidfic, non-con, or m-preg.

Bidding ends March 31st.
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Title: “The Daily Grind”
Word Count: 8,000
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Genre: Gen, understated H/C
Spoilers: Takes place between “Search and Rescue” and “The Seed”.
Characters: John Sheppard. Some team.
Summary: After Carter is transferred, Sheppard has to take over while still on the mend. They say command has its privileges, but running a city in another galaxy is a challenge like no other.

Written for [ profile] susnnfor [ profile] help_pakistan. Thank you to [ profile] wildcat88 for the wonderful beta.

The Daily Grind )
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Title: “Breaching Walls”
Word Count: 6,000
Rating/Warning: PG-13, None
Genre: John/Teyla, Drama
Spoilers: Post EATG
Summary: Navigating the waters of a new relationship is hard enough. When your former significant other (and father of your child) is in jeopardy, and the only man who can save him is your current love, ripples become rapids.

Written for [ profile] tielan for the [ profile] help_pakistan charity.

I wanted to thank the wonderful [ profile] everybetty for the swift awesome beta and [ profile] sgafan for being a great sounding board.

Breaching Walls  )
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Sharing the Weight
Gen, John-Centric, Team. Comfort aftermath story.
Word Count: 1,200-

Written for : [ profile] kriadydragon for [ profile] fandom_stocking

Sharing the Weight )
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Title: Tin Man
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Genre: Gen, Drama, H/C
Characters: Rodney, John, Teyla, Ronon, OCs.
Word Count: 30,000-
Summary: Visiting an abandoned outpost leads to some amazing discoveries but with dire consequences. Rodney and the team battle a racing clock as they begin to lose Sheppard a little at a time.

Written for : [ profile] friendshipper for the secret santa exchange. Prompt at the end.

A/N: This is the story that ate my brain! Rodney also kept wanting to take over the whole damn thing! :D

I wanted to thank [ profile] vecturist and [ profile] tridget for answering questions when all my research was leaking out my ears. Another big shout out to [ profile] sgafan for being my sounding board! A special thank you to [ profile] coolbreeze1 for the super, wonderful beta!

Tin Man )
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I wrote a little story for [ profile] neevebrody for [ profile] mcsmooch. Thank you hon for all your design work and support over at [ profile] daily_flan and for being a wonderful person!

Title: "Four Things Rodney Did For John That John Never Knew About (And One That He Did)"
Author:[ profile] kristen999
Word Count: 2,000—
Genre: Light McKay/Sheppard
Rated: PG

I have one more stocking stuffer I hope to get done before the holiday and then I have three days off!!!!

I also think by the end of the day I'm going to have more x-mas cookies from co-workers than I know what to do with!!
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Title: "Home is Where the Heart Is" (1/6)
Authors: [ profile] everybetty and [ profile] kristen999
Word Count: 55,000-
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Some violence and a couple f-bombs
Genre: Gen. Drama, Action, H/C
Characters: Sheppard, McKay, Ronon, Teyla, Todd, various SG-1 members and OCs.
Summary: Atlantis is back on Earth; things should be quiet and boring, light years away from Pegasus. While trying to find a place in this new life, John struggles with politics, a pending promotion… oh, and a deadly conspiracy that threatens the lives of everyone on Earth. Again. John POV, Post-EATG.

Notes: This was written for [ profile] susnn, thanks to her generous donation to [ profile] help_haiti.

Home is Where the Heart Is Chapter One )
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Title: “Volatile Reactions”
Word Count: 5,500
Rating: T
Warning: Some violence
Genre: Gen, Action, H/C
Characters: Team, OCs
Spoilers: None
Summary: Trapped, pursued, and making it up as they go along. The team fight for their lives during a mission gone horribly wrong.

Written for [ profile] dernhelm62 for the [ profile] help_pakistan charity.

I wanted to thank the wonderful [ profile] wildcat88 for the swift and awesome beta!!

Volatile Reactions )


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